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Bitcoin cash wallet, SLP Payments for WooCommerce – WordPress įskiepis | Lithuania

Gal yra artimiausioje parduotuvje? Js matote visas paskelbtas naujienas susijusias su fraze kur nusipirkti bitcoin Paramos bstui sigyti ir isinuomoti statymas.

Are you looking to offer your customers a unique and fun way to redeem earned loyalty, rewards bitcoin cash wallet appreciation tokens in exchange for merchandise or other items at your online store? However, until now there have been no options that allow online store owners to accept their token as a payment option.

What is SLP? Simple Ledger Protocol SLP tokens are the simplest, fastest, and most liberating token system in existence.

SLP tokens can easily be created, traded, and managed on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain within seconds; costing the user only fractions of a penny for each transaction. To learn more about SLP tokens and how to create your own, visit simpleledger. Example uses: Youtube channels: Offer SLP bitcoin cash wallet to new subscribers or as prizes for competitions, redeemable for merchandise at your store.

Gaming sites: Players bitcoin cash wallet use SLP tokens earned in your game for merchandise at your online store. Loyalty rewards and discounts for store owners: Accept your own custom Bitcoin cash wallet Token for special rewards or discounts, redeemable only at your online store. Check out the store demo at  slp.

bitcoin cash wallet

Check out the store demo at slp. Simple Ledger, Inc. This plugin loads code API code from bitcoin.

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This does not require an account or signup at their service. DUK Is this plugin for free? Yes this plugin is completely free. Anyone can easily create SLP Tokens. Does it detect partial payments? How are they handled? Yes this plugin will automatically detect partial payments underpayments.

bitcoin cash wallet

In that case it will credit the paid amount of the order and display a message on the website to show the user the remaining amount. The user then can make a second regular transaction to the same address to complete the payment. Does it generate 1 new address per invoice?

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Yes this plugin automatically generates a new address for every order. This way the WordPress website has no access to any funds in case of a security breach. How can merchants do refunds? To do refunds, the shop owner should contact the buyer via usual channels such as the WooCommerce customer invoice email address and ask him for an address to send the funds back to.

bitcoin cash wallet

We do not recommend sending refunds back directly to the address the payment came from. That address might belong to a 3rd party an exchange and the customer might not get credited incoming funds on this address. Will it confuse customers who send Bitcoin BTC payments?

SLP Payments for WooCommerce

Will they lose funds? There is no way this plugin can confuse your customers if you also accept Bitcoin Core BTC payments in your store. Therefore you will not have to worry about issues with lost funds due to customer confusion. You hold the keys and there's no fees or third parties interfering. It integrates well with WooCommerce with minor to no issues.

bitcoin cash wallet

They also have active support for the plug-in on wordpress.